September 6, 2023
Dementia linked to Internet use

Scientists Discover Strange Link Between Internet Use and Dementia

Scientists have looked into internet use to see if it's at all linked with the likelihood of developing dementia — and found, interestingly, that moderate and regular internet use seems to be cognitively helpful to older folks. Published in the August edition of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, this paper is unique, as […]
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August 17, 2023
Many drugs found ineffective

Many cancer drugs may end up doing absolutely nothing for patients, study reveals

Researchers in Sweden found that up to two in three cancer drugs prove to be useless for patients after years of research.
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August 17, 2023
Cancer on the rise in young adults

Cancer diagnosis rates are going up in younger adults, study finds, driven largely by rises in women and people in their 30s | CNN

Certain kinds of cancer are being diagnosed more often in younger adults in the US, a new study shows, and the increases seem to be driven by cancers in women and adults in their 30s.
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August 17, 2023
Dengue Fever spikes in Florida

Florida officials sound alarm on dengue fever as it grapples with spike in cases

Florida health officials placed Broward County under a mosquito-borne illness alert this month as cases of dengue fever are rising.
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